Mi agenda

Isha MarYAH Alahi. Jesus, mi Señor y mi Dios; El anciano sentado en el trono; aquel a quien mataron, fue al Sheol, pero regreso a su cuerpo antes de que el mismo viese corrupción; y en ese mismo cuerpo ascendio a los cielos y esta sentado en el trono, esperando que cumplamos la profecía y se levante el pueblo que heredada el trono. Esa es la agenda, y esa agenda está por encima de toda religión, toda revelación, todo mensajero y  todo libro sagrado.

Reincarnation, Inspiration and Channeling

As an individual you do not reincarnate, but the divine purpose that incarnated in you, have incarnated many times before, and will continue to do so till its final fruit is perfected before Alahah. As this process approaches perfection, your awareness of the past and the future grows in you. No. You were not here before, but the divine purpose was. And its memories, guide you toward the final goal. Yet as an individual you are not God, just a spark of divinity, interacting with the world… returning home. The eternal cycle repeating itself.

Puerto Rico is not a mere territory…

Sooner or later it will happen.  It remains to be seen if it will happen with the support of the United States, or against it. The United States certainly has become the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. Yet against the will of the Cosmos, that empire is like the grass on the field. And just as easily  it can be swept away. As the Almighty once told the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Let my people go. To fulfill their destiny.  You have been granted the opportunity and the time-frame to transition PR toward National Sovereignty, Uncle Sam.

Please do so. Amen.