Why we write? To share our minds. Our ideas. Our values. Our hopes. And yet all of them are in a state of flux. Always learning. Always moving. Always growing. Always sharing. So here I am sharing with you who I am where I came from and where I am going. Hope you find it interesting and helpful in your own inner growing and moving experience.

My nationality. My religion. My political perspective. My origin and destiny. Here and there I will talk about all of that. You may agree with me on some things and disagree on others. I will try to express myself in a respectful way; and yet, at some times I may get emotional and talk or write forcefully defending and somehow promoting those things which are valuable to me.  The idea is not to impose personal ideas or values, but to share them as sincerely and respectfully as possible. Hope you will find them interesting and useful in your own journey.

Welcome then to my blog, roam around at your leisure, come back often and bring your friends with you.


Ezequiel Gonzalez, blogger