Reincarnation, Inspiration and Channeling

As an individual you do not reincarnate, but the divine purpose that incarnated in you, have incarnated many times before, and will continue to do so till its final fruit is perfected before Alahah. As this process approaches perfection, your awareness of the past and the future grows in you. No. You were not here before, but the divine purpose was. And its memories, guide you toward the final goal. Yet as an individual you are not God, just a spark of divinity, interacting with the world… returning home. The eternal cycle repeating itself.
PD: I just type it. A higher level of consciousness, channeled it thru me. A natural, interactive process. Don’t call it inspiration; Is not a one way thing.

I hope whom I want

An interesting week has started con el pie derecho. Birthday week for some extremely important people, may God grant them a long and productive life. Feeling at peace with myself. What would be would be, sunshine or rainstorm, I just have to be me. No lies.

I know what I want, I hope whom I want, and how far away I feel from my goals. Yet only God, Alahah, Abun D’Bishmaya, knows the end from the beginning and everything is in his hands. Sometimes He just surprise us!

We would like to know everything that is ahead of us. But some time to know to much, is just too much for us. Sometimes it is better for us not to know. Trust God and wait on him. If He wills it, it will be, if He doesn’t, His will will be done, and His will is always better than ours.

So control yourself [talking to my self] darmn fool, wait on God, and waste not your time pensando mierda o llorando pendejases. Deseale bien a tod@s, no te adelantes a los acontecimientos y concentrate en lo que tienes por hacer, desde lo más simple e inmediato, hasta lo más complejo y lejano. Your fire within will not consume you, but will burn free and satisfied, at the appointed time with her by your side. Trust me you’ll be fine. Glad you waited.

Good night, dream well, lady of my dreams; Our paths will not cross again, going in different directions; but flow together, here on earth, side by side, as a single wave of light moving across the sky…